Posted: 03/2002 NOT NECESSARILY NEWS Overheard… … following the FCC’s (www.fcc.gov) announcement it wants to fine SBC Communications (www.sbc.com) $6 million for failing to provide shared transport to competitive carriers … John Windhausen Jr., … “The Bell companies are as bad as serial killers; they have become addicted to bad behavior. We are pleased that […]

Not Necessarily News

Posted: 02/2001 Overheard … … during an interview with PHONE+ … "I think there’s going to be a huge amount of business to go around [this year], and that’s the good news. The swift and the courageous and the efficient will be very, very big companies, and people associated with them will be among the […]

AT&T Tops Overall Customer SatisfactionSurvey

Posted: 01/2000 AT&T Tops Overall Customer Satisfaction Survey AT&T Corp. (www.att.com) ranks highest in customer satisfaction among long distance companies in a recent survey. The Yankee Group (www.yankeegroup.com) survey found AT&T ranked No. 1 in five of eight categories for overall customer satisfaction. Sprint Corp. (www.sprint.com) rated highest in three of the eight categories. The […]

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