Negotiating: Discover Exactly What Your Sales Prospect Wants

Negotiation in sales can be a tricky process when salespeople dont know the true needs of their prospects. But the most successful sales and business professionals know how to ask questions that determine what their prospective clients really want. They use questions to open up communication and encourage prospects to share information. However, using questions […]

Pioneer Promotes Turnkey Package

Pioneer Telephone (Booth 207), a show sponsor, says itwill keep seeking new wholesale customers for its Pioneer Express, which the company released a year ago at the Spring 2004 Channel Partners show. Through agents, the companys Pioneer Express provides network, provisioning, billing and regulatory services in one turnkey package, which means startup private-label service providers […]

How to Prepare for Any Negotiation Session

If you think successful salespeople “wing it” when it comes to negotiation, think again. In truth, they prepare for every negotiation with the same rigor as a student preparing for an upcoming exam. Smart salespeople realize effective negotiation depends on preparation. They take time to think through their own positions and that of their counterparts […]

Customer Interaction Culture Key to Profitability

Exceptional customer service is key to building customer loyalty and, thus, ensuring long-term profitability. Loyalty shapes people’s choices on what they purchase, how they purchase and where they purchase. In a study conducted by the Forum Corp. on why customers changed brands, more than 60 percent switched because of poor service and lack of personal […]

On Target

Posted: 2/2003 On Target Survival Strategies for Conferencing Resellers By E. Brent Kelly COMPANIES THAT RESELL CONFERENCING products and services are under significant duress — not only because of a global economic downturn, but because the very fundamentals of their markets are in flux. A quiet revolution is occurring as the market demands a transition […]

Round Table

Posted: 12/2002 …on the Telecommunications Ownership Diversification Initiative, giving sellers of telecom businesses a tax deferral when their assets are bought for cash by other small business telecom companies. "It is critically important that new entrants and small businesses have a chance to participate across the broad spectrum of areas that make up the telecommunications […]

There’s A Hole in the Bucket, Dear Telco

Posted: 10/2001 There’s A Hole in the Bucket, Dear Telco By Jeff Maszal, Donna Nogay and Kelly O’Donnell Hughes Are average American consumers — our mothers, our brothers, our classmates, our colleagues, our children — unreasonable? Most of us don’t need to see all the research studies to know that most customers have reasonable expectations, […]

The Pitch: Lampooned Telemarketing Still Effective

Posted: 04/2000 Unifying the Newly Merged Sales Force By Kevin Davis or a recently merged organization to achieve its growth goals, it must analyze its sales force’s skills to determine what it lacks. Then it can create a unified sales force by installing a common selling language, which delivers a single message to its customers.Failure […]

Lampooned Telemarketing Still Effective

Posted: 03/2000 Lampooned Telemarketing Still Effective By Liz Montelbano Just the word "telemarketing" is enough to make anyone who’s ever been disturbed by a phone solicitor on a Saturday morning or over his dinner plate recoil in horror. For telecom companies, however, the fact remains: Telemarketing is a viable sales channel. It’s happening. It works. […]

Creating an Effective Sales Compensation Program

Posted: 10/1999 Creating an Effective Sales Compensation Program By Mark A. Stiffler In today’s competitive marketplace, you face many challenges retaining qualified salespeople. One of the biggest challenges is creating a sales compensation plan that motivates and properly rewards your company’s best people. Many company executives believe having a good sales compensation plan is primarily […]

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