EFF Prepares for Immunity Battle

Telcos this year landed immunity from prosecution for warrantless wiretapping on behalf of the Bush administration. But the fight isn’t over. A new hearing is scheduled for early December, with the Electronic Frontier Foundation spearheading the litigation that holds Constitutional implications. Ars Technica this week interviewed one of the EFF’s key lawyers, who explained the […]

EFF Sues Bush Administration

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is suing the Bush administration – including the National Security Agency – over domestic surveillance. The action is similar to the way EFF went after AT&T Inc. (T). Congress derailed that action, however.

I Spy a Surveillance Bill

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT REPORTEDLY is stepping up its efforts to eavesdrop on citizens, even as previous endeavors face scrutiny from the courts. The Justice Department and FBI are said to have crafted new Internet eavesdropping rules and have been looking for members of Congress to support the bill. Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, has been named […]

EFF Accuses AT&T of Helping Government Spy on Americans

The nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) yesterday filed a class-action lawsuit against AT&T Inc., accusing the telecom giant of violating the law and impinging on its customers privacy by collaborating with the National Security Agency (NSA) to wiretap and data-mine communications. AT&T refused to comment on the lawsuit. The document makes a number of allegations […]

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