Nimble Storage Enhances Adaptive Flash Platform

Advancements to the Adaptive Flash platform include the ability to deliver an all-flash service level for applications with stringent requirements around responsiveness, an auto-flash service level for mainstream applications and a disk-only service level for applications requiring low-cost capacity.


Creating International Networks to Support Your Customers’ Needs Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2006 * 2 - 3 p.m. ESTPresented by xchange and VancoCorporations today are expanding their businesses to new markets in the farthest reaches of the globe. Telcos must match this forward march with a global footprint of their own. To do this under today’s timetables […]

IPCC Showcases VoIP, Economics of ENUM, Next-Gen OSS

The International Packet Communication Consortium (IPCC) is presenting the VoIP Technology track this week, a comprehensive series of sessions looking at how real network operators have been implementing the communication systems of the future. The objective for all the sessions, says Michael Khalilian, president and chairman, IPCC, is to look at some successes and challenges, […]

Bandwidth Boom Means Wholesale Opportunities,Report Says

Posted: 08/1999 Bandwidth Boom Means Wholesale Opportunities, Report Says By Ken Branson If the revenues of telecommunications wholesalers are supposed to double in five years, and resellers’ profits are being squeezed by tight margins, why are so many companies overbuilding their networks in the hope of selling or leasing their excess capacity? Because, says the […]

New Payphone Economics – A Thoeretical Model

Posted: 04/1999 New Payphone Economics A Theoretical Model By John S. Bain As with so many industries, the twin forces of technology and political mandate are hard at work in the payphone service provider (PSP) industry, enabling a slow but sure return to profitability. In particular, the competitive entrants, the independent payphone providers (IPPs), will […]

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