Info Directions Enhances Self-Care Capabilities for Online Billing

Info Directions Inc. (Booth 1615), has released a new version of its OnlineBill electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) and self-care application, with enhanced Web-based sales and ordering features. The new release focuses on enhancing end users’ ability to sign up as a new customer and to add new products and services to an existing […]

e-billievable: Resellers Convert to EBPP

WHILE ELECTRONIC BILL PRESENTMENT and payment (EBPP) continues to evolve, it is reaching maturity and providing a new opportunity for telecom resellers to save on operations costs and deepen their relationships with customers. Overall growth of EBPP is increasing and continues to gain consumer acceptance, according to Forrester Research, which notes the growth rate for […]

CTI Group Announces EBPP

CTI Group at TelecomNEXT announced that SmartBill Connect now includes electronic bill presentment and payment capabilities. SmartBill Connect is a comprehensive e-billing solution. The company also is showcasing the Proteus Communications Management Suite. Proteus tracks and analyzes wireline, cell phone, Internet, and e-mail usage and costs in medium and large businesses. For most companies, communication […]

My Two Cents on Offsetting Postal Rate Hikes

SINCE JAN. 8 OF THIS YEAR, we have all had to come up with two extra cents to send a piece of mail. On a personal level, spending a couple pennies is not too much money for reliable mail delivery. However, this years 5.4 percent rate increase for U.S. Postal Service First-Class Mail greatly impacts […]

Converting Customers to EBPP – Part II – Getting Down to Business

Editor’s Note: This, the second of two articles, addresses migrating consumers to electronic bill payment and presentment. See the PHONE+ September issue to read more about converting consumers to EBPP. E-billing, although not quite the norm, is catching on in the consumer market. Adoption can be attributed, in part, to subscribers growing accustomed to online […]

Everybody Wins

Converting Customers to EBPP - Part I Editor’s Note: This, the first of two articles, addresses migrating consumers to electronic billing and presentment. Turn to PHONE+ in October to read more about converting commercial clients to EBPP. “You’d be amazed what people will do for a T-shirt,” says Jerry Kadavy, senior manager for Pioneer Telephone Cooperative […]

EBPP Changes the Face of Scalability

Posted: 02/2001 EBPP Changes the Face of Scalability By Chris Garifo Ask about billing software and one of the first adjectives a vendor uses is "scalable." It’s an industry buzzword that stands out when it’s not used. Electronic billing development is changing subtly what "scalable" means and how it is important to a billing system. […]

Billing/OSS – EBPP Usage Has One Way to Go: Up

Posted: 01/2001 Billing/OSS EBPP Usage Has One Way to Go: Up By Chris Garifo Consumer adoption of electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) has been less then thrilling. While many industry experts shrug it off as a temporary state of affairs, at least one analyst says the viability of EBPP from consumers is flawed. "It’s […]

To Billing Portal, or Not to Billing Portal

Posted: 03/2000 To Billing Portal, or Not to Billing Portal By Peter Lambert Thanks to the massive reach of user-friendly World Wide Web browsers, now more than ever before, telecommunications and Internet service providers (ISPs) stand to save money and improve the usefulness of their billing processes by switching from paper to electronic billing. Yet […]

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