What is a Partner Worth?

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO I have often had a vacillating relationship with carriers. Mainly because while they like to call us “partners, it is not usually the case. We are inexpensive tools for their sales department. When you have sold millions of dollars of billing for a company, you would think there would be a […]

Automation in Moderation

IN AN ON-DEMAND world, the mantra seems to be automate or die. At the same time, it is important to maintain that human touch. Carriers and master agencies are accomplishing these seemingly opposite aims by rolling out partner Web portals with functionalities such as instant quote generation, access to commissions information and sales tools, and […]

AireSpring Expands Order-Tracking System

AireSpring (Booths 313-315) announced a major upgrade to Agent S.T.A.R., its customer ordertracking system for agents. Agent S.T.A.R. supports AireSpring agents at each step of the sales cycle, including provisioning, while offering them fast, automated quotes and proposal generation. Agents also now have direct access to dedicated and switched account provisioning activity including local PRI/T1 […]

Phon e Plus Collaborate: Industry News

Posted: 2/2003 Industry News Epana Launches Conferencing Services Epana Networks will release Web and audio conferencing services this month. The service, called "Audio Conferencing Solutions," will allow customers to arrange and hold meetings using voice-activated and online tools, without additional software and hardware. Epana will leverage its private voice and data network to offer competitive […]

Have You Looked at Your Invoice Lately?

Posted: 12/2002 Have You Looked at Your Invoice Lately? Tips for Maximizing Monthly Customer Contact By Ron Whaley When you connect with your customers each month through your bill, the appearance communicates more than you realize. A well-designed, easy to read invoice has many paybacks. For your customers, it demonstrates that you value their business […]

Coming Together

Posted: 2/2002 Coming Together Easier Interfaces, Affordable Rates Target Webconferencing’s Sweet Spot By Khali Henderson At the same time that economic pressures and travel concerns have cast the spotlight on conferencing technologies, webconferencing service providers have rolled out next-generation versions of their collaborative meeting applications with user-friendly functionality and flexible pricing — perceived barriers to […]

Agency – Online Relationship Tools Make Partners’ Lives Easier

Posted: 04/2001 Agency Online Relationship Tools Make Partners’ Lives Easier This year, carriers such as Sprint Corp. (www.sprint.com) and Qwest Communications International Inc. (www.qwest.com) have implemented online tools to better handle the enterprise relationship between vendor and channel. In tandem, companies such as ChannelWave Software Inc. (www.channelwave.com), InfoNow Corp. (www.infonow.com) and Partnerware Inc. (www.partnerware.com) are […]

Dedicated Service: An Easier Sell Than You Think

Posted: 11/1998 Dedicated Service: An Easier Sell Than You Think By Kieren McCobb Stepping over a dollar to make a dime, most long distance agents are overlooking a profitable opportunity in dedicated voice services. Their reasons for doing so largely are ignorance and fear. Behind the veil of mystery surrounding dedicated voice service, however, agents […]

Residual Value Separates the Builders from the Scavengers

Posted: 09/1998 Residual Value Separates the Builders from the Scavengers By Casey Freymuth The single-most important aspect in any business model is a factor whose elusiveness often causes it to be virtually ignored in operational planning and investment. Yet, without it, earnings are as stable as today’s outstanding receivable and tomorrow’s close rate. Its name […]

Back Office Takes Center Stage

Posted: 06/1998 Back Office Takes Center Stage Maintaining Your Billing Process–and Your Cool–is Easier Said than Done By Peter Meade A recent survey revealed that 36 percent of responding resellers were "largely dissatisfied" with their current billing system. Worse yet, the survey conducted by Young Communications Inc. found an even larger number of respondents feel […]

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