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Free Press Lambasts Carriers Over ETF Defense

Google, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile all banded together this week to defend their early-termination fees to the Federal Communications Commission. Some of the penalties to get out of your smartphone contract run up to $350, but the companies say the cost of subsidizing smartphones is hefty, and it’s only fair for customers to shoulder […]

Google Cuts Nexus One Termination Fees

Responding to complaints from users – and a nudge from the Federal Communications Commission – Google Inc. (GOOG) has slashed the early-termination fee on its Nexus One handset by more than half. The “equipment recovery” fee for returning one of the new devices, based on Google’s Android mobile operating system, was originally $350. Added to the […]

AT&T Settles ETF Case for $18 Million

AT&T will shell out $18 million to former customers who say they were unfairly charged high fees to get out of their wireless contracts. Individuals involved in the class-action suit could get up to $140 back, according to the Associated Press. These early-termination fees have been getting a lot of close scrutiny in recent months. […]

FCC Queries Carriers on Termination Fees

To say that the FCC is taking a more proactive stance toward wireless carriers under new chairman Julius Genachowski than under his predecessor, Kevin Martin, is like saying a cheetah could outrun a snail. Just about any level of activity would outdo Martin’s hands-off policy. Nevertheless, consumer activists will be encouraged to find that today […]

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