Phone Plus Prepaid: Pardon Our Dust

Posted: 09/2002 Pardon Our Dust Prepaid Wireless Positioning Under Construction "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" The slogan for Verizon Wireless also could be an anthem for U.S. prepaid wireless service providers that are seeking to reposition pay-as-you-go voice and data for users other than those without bank accounts. The transformation is not as simple as […]

Resellers Left in PIC-C Dust

Posted: 04/1998 By Khali Henderson Tom Coughlin is sure he’s got a story worthy of "60 Minutes." It’s not about his Cleveland-based long distance resale company, VISTA Communications, although the entrepreneurial CEO probably wishes it was. It’s not even about the phenomenal growth of the long distance resale industry in general, although the Telecommunications Resellers […]

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