McLeodUSA Ramps Up Channel Activity

After spending much of last year planning and strategizing, McLeodUSA Inc. is bringing its agent program out of hibernation, ramping up interest with a clever ad campaign and giving away prizes timed with the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, all in an effort to attract new master and smaller agents, and take care of the […]

McLeodUSA Offers Expanded Wholesale Local Voice, Carrier Data Offerings

McLeodUSA Inc. announced at the COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2006 Convention and Expo in Orlando, Fla., an expanded product suite of wholesale local voice and carrier data offerings. McLeodUSA now offers two major local voice services to carriers as part of it wholesale product portfolio. This expansion of our wholesale local voice product suite will help […]

Allegiance-XO: Wholesale’s Double-Team

XO Communications Inc. President of Carrier Services Ernie Ortega says he cannot break down the numbers, but the big picture is clear. XO will have better network coverage in U.S. cities following the acquisition of Allegiance Telecom Inc., helping the Reston, Va., company be more competitive in the wholesale market. “Obviously, it makes us more […]

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