XO Resells Notification Service

XO Resells Notification Service It makes sense to be able to communicate immediately about something as serious as an emergency alert, or something as mundane as a bill’s due date. That’s why XO Interactive Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of service provider XO Communications Inc., has signed on as a reseller for MIR3 Inc.’s INlogicNOW […]


Posted: 3/2004 Transition Joan Sklar Former wholesale executive Joan Sklar, 53, died Jan. 2, 2004, after a 13-year battle with breast cancer. Sklar retired from her post as vice president of wholesale services for ITS/iTelsa in 1998 due to her illness. Her telecom career spanned nearly two decades and included work for long distance, operator […]

In Box

Posted: 2/2003 In Box ‘Wholesale Only’ is the Only Way I have to agree with H. Russell Frisby Jr.’s assessment in his article, "Bells Want to Change Terms of The Deal" (PHONE+ October 2002). As a general manager with a facilities-based provider (that sometimes has to use Verizon for last-mile connectivity), I have seen firsthand […]

New Edge Networks: On the Road to Profitability?

For two years now, New Edge Networks Inc. has avoided handing its employees pink slips and is on pace to reach free cash flow by the end of the first quarter of 2003, said spokesman Sal Cinquegrani. New Edge, a privately held broadband services provider, came to a stark realization in the fall of 2000 […]

Have You Looked at Your Invoice Lately?

Posted: 12/2002 Have You Looked at Your Invoice Lately? Tips for Maximizing Monthly Customer Contact By Ron Whaley When you connect with your customers each month through your bill, the appearance communicates more than you realize. A well-designed, easy to read invoice has many paybacks. For your customers, it demonstrates that you value their business […]

FCC Proposes 12 ILEC Measurements

Posted: 1/2002 FCC Proposes 12 ILEC MeasurementsPre-Ordering Measurement 1. OSS Pre-Order Interface Response Timeliness: Measures whether an incumbent’s pre-ordering systems provide reasonably prompt response times. Order Measurements 2. Order Notifier Timeliness: Measures the amount of time it takes an incumbent to send a notice either confirming whether an order placed by a competitor has been […]

In Box – Give Marconi His Due

Posted: 04/2001 In Box Give Marconi His Due In point of fact, Marconi invented the wireless telegraph (January PHONE+, Intellectual Capital. Although it was the first digital wireless system (binary dot-dash code), and a remarkable development, it was not what we call radio; Fessenden, deForest, Armstrong, and others built on Marconi’s work, using first amplitude, […]

A Taxing Situation

Posted: 06/2000 A Taxing Situation IRS, State Collection Methods Become Clearer By Gary T. Rhodus While clarity is appearing in the application, there is a fundamental lack of appreciation for what the changes mean to the prepaid service provider. The service provider will be relieved of tax liability in only a few cases. More often […]

Is Your Fraud System Due for a Checkup?

Posted: 10/1999 Is Your Fraud System Due for a Checkup? By Jim Marsh A fraud system should never be surprised with mystery call traffic. If so, then the fraud group may not have inserted itself into the product development life cycle or into the network-update change process. A common misconception among telecommunications executive management is […]

The Rules of the M&A Road

Posted: 02/1999 The Rules of the M&A Road By Duane W. Richardson It has been an explosive time for mergers and acquisitions (M&As) in the telecom industry. MCI Communications Co. and WorldCom Inc. have joined forces. AT&T Corp. is negotiating with Tele-Communications Inc., focusing its sights on combining voice, data and video services over a […]

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