Verizons Stealth Fix for Droid De-Mystified

Not a great week for Verizon Wireless (VZ): Not only is it being sued by AT&T (T) for its blatant ripoff “There’s a map for that” ad campaign, but now it’s been suspected of operating a super-secret remote software update program that manipulates users’ mobile devices without their knowledge or consent. This tangled, not to say ridiculous, […]

Palm CEO Disses Android

As the Android platform gains steam, particularly with Verizon Wireless’ Droid handset gaining in profile, Palm Inc. has taken to the media to dis the competition and tout the merits of its own OS, the webOS platform that powers the Palm Pre and Pixi. Palm’s CEO Jon Rubinstein told the New York Times that “Android, […]

AT&T Fires Back at Verizon in Customer Letter

AT&T is turning to its own customers in efforts to defend itself against a new series of ads from Verizon. In a new letter to its customers, AT&T says it wants to set the record straight about the ads showing maps comparing the two companies’ wireless coverage. The map depicting AT&T’s coverage shows large portions […]

iPhone, Droid, Storm 2, Pixi: Phones of Christmas Present

Never have there been so many new smartphones from which to choose with a holiday season approaching. So which do you pick for that perfect gift? It could depend on for whom you are buying. Many predict that this will finally be the year that a contender to the iPhone will step up and make […]

Droid Takes on BlackBerrys Business Customer Base

It’s arrived. The Motorola Droid smartphone from Verizon Wireless makes its debut today. And despite all of the hyped-up TV commercials that make it look like the next fun, must-have electronic device, Verizon hopes it will serve as competition for BlackBerry in the business world as well. Long the choice of business users, BlackBerry has […]

Smartphone War Sizzling: $99 iPhone 3G S Coming Soon?

The glut of smartphones hitting the market in the last few months could be a win-win for the consumer, especially as prices are slashed. There are places you can get the Palm Pre for less than half the price of when it debuted back in June. Now, several sources are reporting that Apple and AT&T […]

BlackBerry-Maker RIM to Buy Back Shares

Facing renewed competition in the smartphone segment it owned for many years, BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion (RIMM) has seen its share price drop by 30 percent since it reported quarterly earnings in September. Today, believing such competitive concerns are overblown, the company said it will buy back up to $1.2 billion of its common stock, representing […]

BlackBerry Bold 2 Generating Rave Reviews

As the new BlackBerry Bold 2, 9700, Onyx, or whatever you want to call it, goes on sale tomorrow in the U.K., glowing reviews are beginning to follow it – unlike this early preview last month that called it a “non-story” because it lacks the innovation that some of the year’s new smartphones show off. […]

Palm Pre, iPhone, Droid: Which Reigns Supreme?

With the Motorola Droid ready to debut on the Verizon Wireless network, the smartphone wars might be ready to explode even beyond what we saw with the release of the Palm Pre and the iPhone 3G S this past summer. The hype surrounding the Droid might make some smartphone users take a new look at […]

Big 3Q Turnaround for Motorola

Motorola seems to be righting the ship after a couple of rough quarters. In its earnings call Thursday, the company unveiled quarterly net income of $12 million. That’s a huge improvement over the nearly $400 million it lost in the previous quarter. Motorola dumped 8,000 employees in a restructuring move earlier this year and chopped […]

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