Motorola Scores Profit Thanks to Enterprise, Mobility

Motorola Inc. (MOT) fared better in the networks and enterprise sectors in the first quarter, but, despite the Droid handset, still is having trouble competing in the smartphone market. The communications equipment maker released its earnings on Thursday, and the numbers were surprising for a company that has struggled mightily in the recession and against rivals. […]

BlackBerry Overhauls OS to Match iPhone, Droid

Research In Motion Ltd. will offer up the overhauled BlackBerry OS 6.0 next quarter, along with a new Web browser. While no one should expect the refreshes to be earth-shatteringly different, the goal is to make BlackBerrys more accessible and intuitive. The corporate-focused, static interface has long been a gripe, especially of consumers who aren’t […]

Health-Care Costs Hit Verizon As Expected

Is there an echo in here? One day after AT&T reported that health-care costs were putting a serious dent in its mojo, Verizon Communications said its first-quarter earnings dropped a whopping 75 percent, based a lot on a one-time charge for retiree health benefits, stemming from the new health-care law. Verizon’s net income fell to just […]

Motorola Makes a Profit, But Mobile Sales Lag

After reporting a big turnaround in the third quarter of 2009, Motorola appears to be getting on at least a little bit of a roll. The company finished 2009 with its second profit-making quarter in a row, boasting a $.06 profit per share. Motorola made about $5.7 billion in sales during Q4. But now for […]

Google Nexus One Sales Not Terrific

Calling the new Google phone “the most controversial and confusing Android handset launch to date,” the mobile application market research firm Flurry published sales estimates that indicate first-week sales of the much-anticipated Nexus One have been disappointing. Selling the device, based on its Android mobile operating system, online directly to consumers, Google Inc. (GOOG) has moved […]

Google Nexus One: Better Value Than Droid, iPhone

Online bill comparison engine BillShrink has once again decided to compare the total cost of ownership across hot smartphones, and now has found that the recently launched Google Inc. Nexus One running on T-Mobile USA will cost a user less, in the end, than either the Motorola Droid or the iPhone 3GS 16GB. The Palm […]

Verizon, AT&T Extend Free Wi-Fi

The free Wi-Fi craze continues this week with Verizon Wireless extending the service to some users – but not smartphone users, it must be noted. Meanwhile, AT&T Inc. will offer free Wi-Fi to all visitors at 11,000 of the more than 13,000 U.S. McDonalds’ locations, beginning in mid-January. Verizon Wireless is adding on free access […]

Tech 2009: The Big Winners and the Losers Too

Some of the biggest advances in 2009 came in the form of smartphones – or at least those got the most attention in the media. That’s just one category of “best ofs” that have been compiled for a new top tech list of 2009. The others included in the list by PCMag.com include winners and […]

Googles Chrome, Android Give Netbooks a Boost

Giving a boost to both cloud-based personal computing and to the category of cheap, bare-bones Web-connection machines known as “netbooks,” Google Inc. (GOOG) pulled the dust cloth off of its Chrome operating system last week. Adding a layer of intrigue to the preview of Chrome, which won’t actually be available for another year, Google co-founder Sergey […]

An IT Managers Guide to Smartphones

While a glut of new smartphones on the market this holiday season might be good news for shoppers, it can be a handful for IT managers who are getting a lot of questions from employees who might be looking to pick one of them up for business. BlackBerry has been the traditional leader in the […]

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