Text While Driving, Lose Your License

Admit it: You’ve sent a text while driving. A majority of Americans probably have at least once. Yet almost a majority also say they’d favor strict laws that take driver’s licenses away from motorists caught doing it.

Proposed Cell-Phone Ban Backed by Unlikely Group

But the Arlington, Va.-based association for truckers urged the U.S. Department of Transportation to permit the use of hands-free devices while commercial operators are on the road.

Caution: Total Driving Ban on Cell Use Ahead?

If you make a call while driving — even with a hands-free system — that can be just dangerous as getting behind the wheel after a few rounds with the Jose Cuervo. That’s the take from the nonprofit National Safety Council, which this week called for a nationwide ban on the use of cell phones […]

Driving Down Successful VAR Truck Leads

By Dan Baldwin, Sales Director, ATEL Communications Inc. In addition to selling telecom solutions directly to ATEL house accounts, I also help ATEL recruit successful VAR partners as ATEL subagents. Finding successful VAR partners to become subagents is no easy trick. VARs who already know about selling network services are already doing it. Those that […]


THE SMB MARKET FOR VOIP is continuing to grow and evolve. My company, Savatar, has just completed its fifth research study of the SMB VoIP market. In this study and in each of our past studies, we surveyed more than 500 SMB owners and decision makers regarding their thoughts about VoIP, issues they might be […]


As carriers continue to differentiate on customer service while feeling pressured to reduce opex, driving efficiency wherever possible in the call centers has become a critical issue - as has driving new revenue through this unique channel. New technologies are tackling the triple goals of efficiency, customer retention and new sales with approaches that put customers […]

Get Synchronous with Your Customers

When it comes to sales, youve got to get on the same wavelength with your customers. Have you ever considered the cost of a salesperson that loses the sale because he or she misses important clues from the customer? Top salespeople have the ability to identify and adjust to different buyers Social Styles. Studies show […]

What’s Driving VoIP?

While productivity features are driving business and consumer demand for VoIP, whitelabel programs are accelerating its deployment by cablecos, CLECs and other providers. Retail offers available for rebranding include IP Centrex and hosted IP voice systems with enhanced features like unified messaging for businesses, and broadband telephony via the Internet to replace local dial tone […]

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