The DIY Dream, Deferred

MAYBE ITS PART OF THE RUGGED individual, American Dream ethos, but very few of us can resist the opportunity to do things ourselves. Whether its putting in a new kitchen or learning how to knit, DIY is hot. Resellers and master agents are on top of the trend, implementing self-provisioning and self-management for their own […]

Unified Access:

Posted: 01/1999 Unified Access: Multiservice Network Dream Wide Open to Interpretation By Peter Lambert Multiple voice, data and video services over a single wide area connection and a single rack of equipment provided by a single service provider at a competitive cost–that’s the dream of carriers and their corporate customers, both of which are currently […]

The Agent-LEC Relationship

Posted: 05/1998 The Agent-LEC Relationship Dream Date or Ongoing Nightmare? By Kieren J. McCobb While trading war stories at the AgENt Trade Fair in Houston at the end of February, I somehow got involved in a conversation with another agent regarding local exchange carriers (LECs). After dramatically closing his eyes and nodding his head from […]

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