Not Necessarily News

Here, Kitty, Kitty Forest guards in the state of Gujarat in western India used cell phones with animal sound ringtones to lure wandering leopards out of human settlements, Reuters reported. As substitution for live bait, such as a goat tied to a tree, the ringtones of cows mooing, goats bleating and roosters crowing proved to […]

Charter Communications Launches Music To-Go

Charter Communications Inc., the St. Louis-based cable TV and high-speed Internet provider, this week added Charter Music To-Go to its Charter Music service. Charter Music To-Go is a subscription service that gives the companys high-speed Internet customers access to more than 2 million songs to download and play. Users also can download personalized playlists to […]

Small-Town Telecom Provider Battles AT&Tin $60 Million Suit

Posted: 01/2000 Small-Town Telecom Provider Battles AT&T in $60 Million Suit By Kim Kelliher A small-town phone service entrepreneur is making legal headway against AT&T Corp. ( in a $60 million lawsuit that accuses the industry giant of unfair trade practices, violations of the Telecommuni-cations Act of 1996, stealing its customers and fraud. Despite a […]

The Phone Bill Gets a MAKEOVER

Posted: 12/1998 The Phone Bill Gets a MAKEOVER By Peter Meade Television talk-show guests are not the only ones getting major makeovers these days. The traditional monthly telephone bill, for decades an ugly duckling with not much to say other than "pay this amount," slowly is blossoming into an informative and attractive swan. Domestic long […]

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