More technology CEOs plan to increase headcount over the next year, but they say finding, and hiring, the right people is getting tougher. Its their biggest operational challenge, according to 41 percent of CEOs surveyed in Deloittes 2006 CEO Survey of the fastestgrowing technology companies in North America as ranked on Deloittes Technology Fast 500. […]

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Mans best friends tend to embrace the great outdoors often to the frustration of their owners. Locatis is coming to the rescue. The companys new PB100 pet-tracking device is a lightweight, water-resistant GPS/GSM device that attaches to a dogs collar. If a pet owner loses sight of his dog and wants to know its location, […]

Wag the Dog: Bandwidth and the Next "KillerApp"

Posted: 05/1999 Wag the Dog: Bandwidth and the Next "Killer App" By David Finkelstein David Finkelstein The Holy Grail in the communications industry is the constant search for the next killer application. Companies spending small fortunes building out their long-haul backbone networks seem to be searching desperately for the killer app that will justify the […]

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