Becoming a Jack of All Trades

Is it possible to be a very successful telecom expert and an energy expert and an IT infrastructure expert and a cloud computing expert and a TEM expert?

Thinking Out of the Telecom Box

Some telecom agents are reporting brisk business during the recession as companies — large and small — turn to them to figure out how to better manage their telecom spend. But even the best of channel partners are seeing their existing bases shrink — either from customers going out of business, disconnects or even contract […]

Will Diversification Save Universal Access?

With a stock price hovering around $1 and a disclosure that its auditor has expressed doubt about the company’s ability to continue, Universal Access Global Holdings Inc. has seen better days. The company warned in regulatory filings it might be forced to seek bankruptcy court protection if it cannot raise capital or improve its operations. […]

Round Table

Posted: 12/2002 …on the Telecommunications Ownership Diversification Initiative, giving sellers of telecom businesses a tax deferral when their assets are bought for cash by other small business telecom companies. "It is critically important that new entrants and small businesses have a chance to participate across the broad spectrum of areas that make up the telecommunications […]

Reshaping Your Business for Survival

Posted: 11/2002 Reshaping Your Business for Survival By Casey Freymuth WE’VE ALL SEEN THE ARTICLES ON SURVIVING an economic downturn. The first wave appeared in early 2001. Bullish experts told us not to sweat it — that the sky was not falling, and telecom and tech companies shouldn’t forego long-term growth strategies for a short-term […]

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