Distributors Find a Home with Easton Telecom

Easton Telecom Services LLC (Booth 425) is expanding its product mix to allow distributors greater flexibility when selling accounts with multiple locations and diverse product needs. This quarter, Easton will partner with a second DSL provider and additional local service providers. By diversifying the product line, Easton will be able to offer more competitive rates […]

Long Distance – Live Oak Enters ASP Arena

Posted: 06/2000 Live Oak Enters ASP Arena Live Oak Telecom LLC (www.liveoaktelecom.com) has announced Prepaid ASP. The product is a hybrid one, consisting of an equipment offering and a back office hosted application. The prepaid long-distance provider offers companies switches that can be installed where needed, and Live Oak manages all the back office prepaid […]

Identity Crisis

Posted: 03/2000 Identity Crisis Should You Be A Reseller Or Distributor? By Neil S. Ende In the telecom world, perhaps more than any other, a company’s regulatory status may be determined as much by how the company describes itself as by how it operates. Providers of voice-grade services often are regulated, while providers of "enhanced […]

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