Homeward-Bound Marketing

Getting the word out about your service takes creativity since the Do-Not-Call list and anti-spam regulations make telemarketing and e-mail canvassing difficult to impossible. Agents can be successful approaching the residential market with a number of online and grassroots tactics. Many consumers turn to the Web to learn about telecom services, so it pays to […]

Fionda Announces Acquisition of Multiple New Contracts

Fionda LLC (Booth 618) has contracted with several master agencies, including ECT Telecom, TeleCHOICE, Association Resource Group, CarrierSales.com, Microcorp Inc., Comtel Communications and Global Systems Telecom Inc. Fionda, a master agent for MCI’s Neighborhood consumer program, will give these partners access to offer The Neighborhood residential local/long distance program, the first such bundled residential plan […]


Posted: 3/2004 Transition Joan Sklar Former wholesale executive Joan Sklar, 53, died Jan. 2, 2004, after a 13-year battle with breast cancer. Sklar retired from her post as vice president of wholesale services for ITS/iTelsa in 1998 due to her illness. Her telecom career spanned nearly two decades and included work for long distance, operator […]

Diverse Appeal

Posted: 3/2004 Diverse Appeal Telecoms Find Targeting Ethnic Markets Translates to Revenue By Tara Seals Suddenly it was everywhere the AOL mascot was staring out at me from billboards across Phoenix, as part of a giant ID card with the tagline, Se Habla Espanol. I began getting CDs in the mail too (1,045 Horas Gratis!), […]

Going the Distance

Strong winds and slightly chilly temperatures did not detract from a morning of sunshine and golf for the teams competing in Sunday’s CompTel/ASCENT Alliance tournament at the Coyote Hills Golf Course in Fullterton, Calif., which was designed by Cal Olson and PGA legend Payne Stewart. It caters to all levels of play and features winding […]


Posted: 8/2003 ANY-DISTANCE BUNDLES REVITALIZE RESIDENTIAL AGENCY PROGRAMS By Tara Seals The agent business once thrived on selling long distance to consumers, but it’s a model that has waned as downward price pressure on long-distance service, "anywhere minutes" mobility plans and a telemarketing backlash eroded the moneymaking prospects in the residential market. Today, the demographic […]

RESELLER CHANNEL: Long-Distance Resellers Moving to Any-Distance Bundle

Posted: 4/2003 Long-Distance Resellers Moving to Any-Distance Bundle By Josh Long AT&T Corp., WorldCom Inc. and Sprint Corp. have made it clear that providing American households local phone service is crucial to their future. They are not alone. Long-distance resellers say they also must incorporate any-distance calling to stay competitive with their larger rivals, including […]

Long Distance at Heart of SBC Woes, Not UNE-P, Says Consultant

SBC Communications Inc. (www.sbc.com), the No. 2 local phone company, is rightly panicking over local competition in its dominant region, said Phil Jacobson, founder of research and consulting firm Network Conceptions LLC, on Tuesday. But he added SBC’s strife is related to internal problems, not unfair regulatory policies. Local phone competitors and the Baby Bells […]

Is Telecom Dead?

Posted: 05/2002 Is Telecom Dead? Even though a lot of us old-timers will be slow to give up the more familiar terminology, our industry already is embracing the strategies and concepts represented in Segars’ evolved model. Segars is a professor and director for the Institute for Technology and Strategic Change at the University of North […]

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