So Long, Twombly, We Hardly Knew You

When the Supreme Court recently dismissed a consumers telecom antitrust suit, judges also disappointed industry insiders who hoped suspected Bell collusion would be brought to light. The Bell Atlantic v. Twombly case didnt promise to directly affect entities such as CLECs unless judges agreed the arguments had merit. All along, however, the likelihood of justices […]

Divine Intervention: Jim Butler

Like most telecom agents, Jim Butler has decades of industry experience and sales success, including nine years as a top salesman with a regional long-distance company in Southern California along with serving as a founding member of the Agent Alliance. And like most entrepreneurs, he works long hours as founder and president of agency TeleCHOICE […]

FCC Lawyer: McDowell Can Vote on AT&T-BellSouth Merger

The FCCs general counsel late Friday issued analysis permitting Republican commissioner Robert McDowell to vote on the pending AT&T Inc.-BellSouth Corp. merger if he so chooses. McDowell had recused himself from the proceedings because he came to the FCC from COMPTEL, a competitive carrier association that opposes recent Bell megamergers. However, McDowell was not involved […]

IPcelerate Introduces Platinum Partner Program

VoIP solutions provider IPcelerate Inc. on Tuesday announced its Platinum Partner Program and the signing of its first Platinum Partner Agreement with Nexus IS Inc., provider of converged communications solutions. The Platinum Partner program is reserved for IPcelerate’s top-performing partners, and offers application discovery and solutions training, service and product differentiation, and sales opportunities, the […]

Nakina Systems Unveils Nakina Networks OS 5.0

Nakina Systems Inc. has launched Nakina Networks OS 5.0, the next version of the companys flagship product. Nakina Networks OS 5.0 is a network operating system that serves as a mediation layer and single point of integration between the network itself and higher-level network management /OSS systems. Its flexible architecture allows it to address multi-vendor […]

Telecom Industry Aids Discovery Launch

Todays planned shuttle launch will happen with the help of some telecom, back-office and Wi-Fi companies. Thanks to Nortel Networks and OSS company Pronto Networks, NASAs Mission Command and Telemetry Network will be able to share data among the Space Shuttle Discovery, the International Space Station and NASA operations centers when Discovery launches at 3:51 […]

Verizon Adds Programming for FiOS TV

Verizon Communications Inc. today announced more TV programming lineups as a result of five additional network agreements, whose terms were not disclosed. Verizon will carry the channels on Verizon FiOS TV, set to launch later this year. The channels are Varsity TV, produced by teens for teens; Gospel Music Channel; Soundtrack Channel; MavTV, a new […]

CALEA Compliance Goes Undercover

Posted: 1/2003 special report To Serve & Protect CALEA Compliance Goes Undercover By Khali Henderson TELEPHONE COMPANIES LONG have worked with law enforcement to catch criminal conspirators using their networks. Stepped-up concern over security has put the heat on carriers to ensure they can meet mandates under the FCC’s 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement […]

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