Web Exclusive: Cable Cap Controversy

Now that the FCC has placed a 30 percent cap on cables market share, expect to see the matter go to court again. Thats because this isnt the first time the agency has capped cable. In 1992, Congress passed the Cable Act. The idea was to promote competition in so-called multichannel video programming. Part of […]

Will Ma Bell buy Echostar?

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Rumors abound about Ma Bell looking to acquire EchoStar. I wonder if they are trying to buy EchoStar or just the DISH Network division. EchoStar had announced that it was buying Sling Media and was likely combining it with the infrastructure business (satellites, set-top boxes); then spinning off the consumer division. […]

Qwest Earnings Miss Expectations

A tax benefit helped Qwest Communications International Inc. record a big jump in third-quarter net income, but it wasnt all good news for the Denver-based phone company. A one-time benefit of $2.15 billion boosted Qwests net-income to 2.07 billion in the third quarter, or $1.08 per share, compared with $194 million, or 9 cents per […]

Clearwire Signs Up for Satellite

Score one for synergy: Clearwire Corp. has signed a reciprocal sales agreement with satellite TV providers DIRECTV and EchoStar Communications (operator of the Dish Network). The DBS companies will sell Clearwire’s WiMAX-based broadband and VoIP services to their customers, creating a triple-play bundle. And Clearwire will be able to sell satellite TV to their subs […]

ACA Asks FCC to Enforce DIRECTV Conditions

The American Cable Association (ACA) submitted a letter to the FCC encouraging it to act promptly on the National Cable Television Cooperatives (NCTC) request for assistance with its negotiations with Fox Cable Networks for the Fox regional sports networks (RSNs). As a condition of approving the News Corp.-DIRECTV merger, the FCC allowed any multichannel video […]

Verizon Wholesale Turns On DIRECTV

VERIZON PARTNER SOLUTIONS , the wholesale arm of Verizon Communications Inc., is helping its former UNE-P resellers offer the triple play to residential customers in an effort to stave off competition from cablecos. In what is an industry first, the company announced in early June an agreement with DIRECTV Inc. that will add digital satellite […]

Verizon, DIRECTV Team to Offer Triple-Play Services

As of July, Verizon Communications Inc.s wholesale customers will be able to sell voice, DSL and DIRECTV services in a bid to offer an alternative to cables triple-play rollouts, the companies said this week. Service providers using Verizons Wholesale Advantage voice and certain high-speed data services now can add on DIRECTV. Terms of the deal […]


THE RBOCS HAVE SOLD about 1.5 million subscriptions to direct broadcast satellite (DBS) services like those offered by DIRECTV Group Inc. and DISH Network since becoming resellers for those companies in 2003. But now telcos are installing fiber access networks to roll out IPTV, which would compete with their DBS wholesale partners. In turn, DBS […]

BellSouth, PDI-SAT Fix Sights on MDU Market

BellSouth Corp. and PDI-SAT, a DIRECTV master system operator, are working together to deploy voice, data and DIRECTV services to the residential multidwelling unit (MDU) market throughout BellSouth’s territory. “Developers, managers and residents of multidwelling developments in the Southeast are looking for a one-stop shop for the latest and most reliable communications and entertainment services, […]


Numerous phone companies have partnered with satellite TV providers to add video to their communications packages. SBC Communications Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc., the two biggest local phone companies, have partnered with satellite TV providers, EchoStar Communications Corp. and DIRECTV Inc., respectively. The phone giants also are building multibillion-dollar networks to deliver video services, interactive […]

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