Might Comcast Outbid Sprint for T-Mobile USA?

An AT&T purchase of DirecTV could very well be the catalyst for Comcast to provide traditional wireless service. Buying T-Mobile would be a realistic option for the nation’s largest cableco.

Libertys Malone: DirecTV Compatible With Carriers

Lending credence to reports of a possible hookup between the No. 1 U.S. satellite-TV provider and one of the major U.S. carriers, Liberty Media (LINTA) chairman John Malone said at a shareholders’ meeting today that “DirecTV is very compatible with the phone companies.” As reported by Reuters, the comments came at a special gathering to approve […]

Verizon Wholesale Plans to Add Wireless to Bundle in 2008

As part of its ongoing bundling strategy, Verizon Partner Solutions, the wholesale arm of Verizon Communications, is working on creating a quad-play bundle for resellers of its voice, data and video services, according to a VPS executive attending the COMPTEL PLUS Convention & Expo this week. Tom Caldwell, vice president of marketing and product management […]

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