AT&T: Discriminating Against Netflix Would Put Revenue at Risk

As the FCC weighs AT&T’s merger with DirecTV, the carrier said a strategy to discriminate against online video distributors would be contrary to its own interests because the telecommunications giant would risk alienating its broadband customers, including its profitable subscribers.

AT&T Says DirecTV Deal Will Bridge Digital Divide

Nearly 20 percent of the locations where AT&T plans to deploy the wireless technology have no access to landline broadband services, and 27 percent of the locations have only one option, according to the company.

DirecTV Shareholders Overwhelmingly Approve AT&T Merger

The merger, which will make Dallas-based AT&T a stronger competitor in the TV market, is still subject to antitrust and public interest reviews by the U.S. Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission.

AT&T-DirecTV Merger Would Stifle Competition

In reliance on an index used by the U.S. Justice Department, the national organization Free Press argued the merger would decrease competition and result in a number of highly concentrated markets.

States Investigating AT&T-DirecTV Merger

A senior staff attorney with Public Knowledge, an organization dedicated to preserving the openness of the Internet and opposes the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger, said states and the federal government have authority to file antitrust cases.

AT&T-DirecTV Merger Almost a Done Deal

The $48.5 billion deal between AT&T and DirecTV is just the latest in a handful of mega-mergers involving the big wireless operators and cable companies.

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