Compensating for Change

Compensating for Change With increasing portfolio complexity and a wide range of customer targets, resellers, master agents and service providers are wrestling with how to realign their indirect and direct sales channels to overcome a stagnate reality: Too many salespeople are unfocused, chasing the opportune sales instead of pursuing more difficult, highmargin prospects.

Training Camp

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Since BellSouth was taken over by AT&T, BellSouth Authorized Agents have had to put in more than 50 hours on training and testing to be able to sell across the AT&T portfolio and across the country. That’s a lot of time and effort, but you get to expand from nine states […]

FCC to Take Up Cable Franchise Rules Next Month, Chairman Says

The FCC will consider the cable franchise rules at its next meeting, which is set for Thursday, Nov. 3, according to the commissions Chairman Kevin Martin, who delivered a keynote address today at TELECOM 05. Martin, who joined the group via live satellite video, said the FCC will take up the question of whether the […]

Self-Directed Solutions

Posted: 02/2001 Self-Directed Solutions Customer Service Ills Hinder Telecom Online Buying By Becky Bracken Telecommunications service providers haven’t mastered selling services online, even though customers want to move purchasing and service management to the Internet. They’re begging for it in fact. Lackluster online customer service remains a huge obstacle for carriers to overcome. But there […]

Recapturing Lost Value

Posted: 08/1999 Recapturing Lost Value By Casey Freymuth Industry forecasts rarely provide third-, fourth- and fifth-tier long distance service providers with much to smile about. Shrinking margins, bundling woes (such as anemic local and wireless resale markets) and the inevitable entry of the Bells into the long distance market have done little to lift the […]

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