This Week in Differentiation

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Zimbra-Comcast. Funambol-EarthLink. M5-SimulScribe. Intelliverse-Webex-Jabra-Creative. Yep, providers are finally getting that if you have to get beyond basic, you have to be customer-centric. You have to show true benefit. For the VoIP Providers like M5 and Intelliverse, these moves mean that they take a nice big step to side of the rest […]

Yankee Group: Wholesale Buyers Look for Differentiation

When it comes to quality among wholesale service providers, Sprint Corp. and BellSouth Corp lead the pack, according to new research from Yankee Group. The firm polled more than 140 wholesale buyers, ranging from RBOCs and ILECs to IXCs, CLECs, resellers and integrators for its report, Yankee Group 2005 U.S. Wholesale Data Services Survey. Wholesale […]

CC Coupon Combines Calling Cards, Coupons

An upstart called CC Coupon LLC (Booth 129) is bringing new value to calling cards. The company now offers cards that function as both calling cards and coupons "Agents and resellers look for retail distribution points to sell their cards," says Steve Cherry, vice president of CC Coupon, adding that the bulk of calling cards […]


Posted: 07/2002 THE CASE FOR HOSTED CALL CONTROL NETWORK PROVIDERS By Alex Petrov For much of its history, telephony espoused technologies that favored vertical integration. Therefore, it is not surprising that most softswitch-based network implementations to date have been vertical as well. However, in the times of austerity, the need to maximize efficiency brings outsourcing […]

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