Posted: 6/2003 Corrections/Clarifications Listings for these companies were incorrect in the April 15 edition of PHONE+ Carrier, Reseller and Agent Sourcebook. These are their updated listings: Early Lennon Crocker & Bartosiewicz PLC 151 S. Rose St. Kalamazoo, MI 49007 +1 269 381 8844 Fax: +1 269 349 8525 Contact: Patrick D. Crocker, VP & Attorney […]

Level 3: Plenty of Room for Growth in Narrowband

Most companies — including network services giant Level 3 Communications — have a bread-and-butter customer. Its largest customer happens to be the No. 1 ISP, America Online. However, Colorado-based Level 3 is not ignoring smaller fish in the Web seas. The company has turned its attention to midsized ISPs. Level 3 announced Wednesday, at the […]

Collaborative: Product News

Posted: 11/2002 Product News CommWorks Adds Multistage Dialing Capabilities CommWorks has added support for multistage dialing models to its IP telephony product portfolio, giving service providers new options to add prepaid and postpaid calling applications to their service offerings. With two-stage calling, a customer purchases a fixed number of minutes for a particular phone number […]


Posted: 11/2002 NEWS BRIEFS SBC Communications Inc. has expanded its deal to distribute its Internet access services through the portal Yahoo! Inc. The two companies made available DSL services, ranging from $42.95 per month to $59.95 per month, to about 26 million homes and businesses across the Bell’s 13-state region. Yahoo! and SBC rolled out […]


Posted: 05/2002 31 flavors The Scoop on Filling Businesses Internet Access Appetites By Tara SealsA TRIP TO THE ICE CREAM store can be a rewarding experience, unless you order the triple-flip banana split and end up with too much, or go with a modest vanilla scoop-in-a-cup and leave wanting more.A similar option-filled decision awaits businesses […]

Wholesale: Briefs

Posted: 10/2000 Briefs* Trans National Communications International Inc. (www.tneii.com) has signed a nationwide resale agreement with ISP Meganet Communications Inc. (www.meganet.net) to resell its DSL services. The agreement adds broadband services to TNCI’s existing communications offering, including long-distance, local, data, teleconferencing, toll-free and international calling services. Meganet maintains network access points in several northeastern cities. […]

Business News – Reseller Looks Lightyear Ahead

Posted: 06/2000 Reseller Looks Lightyear Ahead By Bruce Christian UniDial, which has been merging data, voice and Internet in its national network for eight years, announced April 24 that it has become Lightyear Communications, and word already is spreading at the speed of light.With the name change comes a new business strategy, says Senior Vice […]

Local – 1-800-RECONEX Offers Wholesale Program

Posted: 06/2000 1-800-RECONEX Offers Wholesale Program 1-800-RECONEX launched a wholesale program earlier this year for companies that want to get into the prepaid local dial tone business but don’t have the expertise or the resources to do it effectively.As a prepaid integrated communications provider, 1-800-RECONEX Inc. (www.reconex.com) has CLEC licenses in 46 states that allow […]

Internet Telephony – EZ ACCE$$ Prepaid Allows Market Penetration

Posted: 06/2000 EZ ACCE$$ Prepaid Allows Market Penetration ASP International Technologies Inc. (www.aspintl.com) has released its new prepaid Internet platform. EZ ACCE$$ is targeted toward ISPs and ASPs. The product lets these companies penetrate previously untapped customer bases.More specifically, EZ ACCE$$ will broaden an ISP’s or ASP’s ability to offer access to certain market segments. […]

Alcatel Delivers Packet Access WholesalingSystem

Posted: 11/1999 Alcatel Delivers Packet Access Wholesaling System By Peter Lambert Wholesaling of dial-up and broadband Internet access services just became easier to grow and to manage, according to Plano, Texas-based manufacturer Alcatel USA. The company has introduced a software package designed to provide centralized controls for large-scale regional, national and international networks of access […]

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