Collection Challenge Stymies Payphone Potential

Posted: 09/2000 Collection Challenge Stymies Payphone Potential By Vincent Sandusky Someday soon, almost everyone, from mainstream consumers to high-end businesspeople, will have the opportunity to fulfill nearly any telecommunications need, from buying a movie ticket to participating in a videoconference, just about anywhere. And they will be able to do this with a high-tech device […]

Terabit Routers Prove Hocus-Pocus Solution

Posted: 06/2000 Terabit Routers Prove Hocus-Pocus Solution By Charlotte Wolter It will seem like magic when the quick hands of the most updated “terabit” routers work with the new generation of intelligent optical devices to create networks that can aggregate and switch huge amounts of data as waves, and provision bandwidth on demand.The timing for […]


Posted: 04/2000 INTERNET IN A BOX New Network Edge Devices Deliver Sophisticated IP Services Internet services used to be so simple. By Charlotte Wolter A provider was a direct link to the Internet. Whatever bandwidth a user could muster to get to the ISP–usually a 28.8kbps dial-up pipe–opened a door to the raw Internet, and […]

Unified Messaging–

Posted: 03/2000 Unified Messaging– Technology Even Your Mother Will Love By James R. Dukart The simplest way to define UM is to say it’s about allowing multiple devices to access multiple message formats in multiple locations through various interfaces.y mother may not know it yet, but she’s on the leading edge of a communications revolution. […]

Wireless Data Gets Personal

Posted: 12/1999 Wireless Data Gets Personal New Technologies Make Data Mobile By James R. Dukart Smart phones, personal digital assistants and other Internet devices are boosting the market for wireless data over existing narrowband networks. FlashPoint Technology’s technology enables wireless users to connect a digital camera to a cell phone and transmit photos to an […]

Vendors Extend iNOW! to PCs, Cell Phones

Posted: 12/1999 Vendors Extend iNOW! to PCs, Cell Phones Cisco Systems Inc., San Jose, Calif., is partnering with Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif.; ITXC Corp., Princeton, N.J.; and Lucent Technologies Inc., Murray Hill, N.J., to extend the iNOW! H.323 specifications to terminal devices such as PCs, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and cellular phones. This interoperability […]

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