Been There, Done That

Before NorVergence, there was Minimum Rate Pricing. Both companies were telecommunications resellers in New Jersey, fell victim to bankruptcy, faced investigations questioning their business practices and both involved a family: brothers Peter and Thomas Salzano. Minimum Rate Pricing, which listed assets of $33 million and liabilities of $116 million in a 1999 bankruptcy filing, settled […]

gee-fon Exhibits New Device

gee-fon Inc. (Booth 97) recently launched its nationwide VoIP phone and messaging platform and is exhibiting it for agents and resellers for the first time. The company says its service can save customers 50 percent or more on their telephone and long-distance bills. gee-fon is small and portable, and subscribers can use the service on […]

Wi-Fi Meets VoIP

Posted: 1/2004 Wi-Fi Meets VoIP Connection Creates Opportunities for Channel Partners By Ben Guderian Wi-Fi technology is getting a lot of attention mostly in the consumer and public network areas. But, Wi-Fi WLAN networks also are being embraced in hospitals, retail stores, schools, factories and even general offices as ways to improve communication and lower […]

industry news

Posted: 12/2003 industry news Comstar Patents Wireless Credit Card Processing Device Comstar Interactive Corp. has patented the device component of its CHARGE ANYwhere wireless credit card processing technology. The technology allows data transfers between a pager and an attached magnetic strip card reader. CHARGE ANYwhere customers connect wirelessly with credit-card processing companies to complete, in […]

TAG: A Wireless Twist on Telecom Audits

Posted: 9/2003 A Wireless Twist on Telecom Audits By Tara Seals Corporate America has a problem a really dumb problem, proclaimed Forbes magazine in October 2002. Nobody seems to be keeping track of phones hooked up on the wrong rate plans, leading to punitive charges for extra minutes. Hardly a new issue, but one that […]


Posted: 4/2003 Device Advice Partners Play Role in Evangelizing Value of All-in-One Internet Appliances By Tara Seals For the user, the IP phone is the most visible part of the VoIP infrastructure. Often confronted with a series of special commands, newfangled handsets, restricted dialing options, difficult installations or clunky styling, end users may find themselves […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: PoSA on the Move

Posted: 12/2002 PoSA on the Move By Tara Seals IMAGINE LANDING AT NEW YORK City’s La Guardia airport in the snow. You collect your luggage, rush outside, huddle against the chill wind and hop into a cab. You can’t wait to check into the hotel, unpack, get warm and call home … only, your cell […]


Posted: 08/2002 Overheard… –Bill Esrey, chairman and CEO, Sprint Corp. … at SUPERCOMM in Atlanta … "Telecom will change at warp speed and not everybody will be able to keep up. … Today’s market is no place for companies with single service solutions or a weakened balance sheet." Brush After Every Call Soon all your […]

Meshing Voice and Data at the ‘NewEdge’

Posted: 01/2000 Meshing Voice and Data at the ‘New Edge’ Toward Seamless Multiservice Networks By Richard Connaughton The first humanoid who picked up a rock and used it as a tool hardly could have imagined how this simple act ultimately would lead to the tools we take for granted today, from the laptop PC to […]

ITXC Device Eliminates Backhaul for InternationalCarriers, Resellers

Posted: 07/1999 ITXC Device Eliminates Backhaul for International Carriers, Resellers By Khali Henderson Enabling speedy market entry and eliminating backhaul costs for Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs), ITXC Corp., Princeton, N.J., has developed the SNARC, a device that attaches through an E1 or T1 port to an international reseller or carrier’s switch and takes voice […]

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