AirMagnet Achieves FIPS Certification

AirMagnet Inc. today announced that it is the first wireless intrusion detection systems vendor to achieve Federal Information Processing Standards certification. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued the FIPS 140 Publication Series to coordinate the requirements and standards for cryptographic modules, which include both hardware and software components, for use by departments […]

PNG Releases uSecure for Internet Customers

PowerNet Global Communications has launched its uSecure Internet Security Suite, an all-in one Internet protection package for homes and small offices. The service is powered by Bsecure and sold through PowerNet Globals affinity groups and independent agents. The uSecure package includes software for parental control, anti-virus, firewall, instruction detection and spam protection; and pop-up and […]

Security: A Cuber’s Paradise

No longer a simple question of adding a firewall to an Internet connection, network security has exploded into a multimillion-dollar market with more variations than a Rubik’s Cube. Solve the puzzle, and you could be on your way to lucrative opportunities. Threats to corporate networks are becoming more sophisticated, and simply installing firewalls and running […]

Safe & Sound Business

Posted: 1/2003 special report To Serve & Protect Safe & Sound Business Partners Find Opportunities with Network Security By Tara Seals IN AN AGE OF IP-BASED VOICE, video and data communications, trillions of packets of information fly around the planet, thanks to company and governmental networks that route information to those allowed to see it. […]

Opcenter: Fraud Busting the ASP Way

Posted: 11/2000 Fraud Busting the ASP Way By James R. Dukart Fraud management is rarely, if ever, the top priority of a new or emerging carrier. While industry analysts estimate fraud costs U.S. carriers somewhere between $6 billion and $18 billion per year, new carriers are more likely to concentrate on network buildouts or customer […]

Anti-Fraud Arsenal

Posted: 10/1998 Anti-Fraud Arsenal Detection and Intervention Systems Combat Subscription Fraudsters By Mario McCash Subscription fraudsters come in all types, and each prey upon telecommunications service providers that eagerly welcome new customers in this highly competitive market. In subscription fraud, a person establishes telephone service at a business or residence, runs up a high volume […]

Resale Long Distance and Telecommunications Fraud

Posted: 07/1998 Resale Long Distance and Telecommunications Fraud By Jim E. Marsh There are several old sayings about telecommunications fraud: Fraud takes the path of least resistance. Fraud is like a balloon, you squeeze it and it comes out in another area. Fraud flows over or around all barriers. Fraud is like a leopard, it […]

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