Not Necessarily News

Posted: 11/2001 Opinion Not Necessarily News Overheard… during a panel discussion covering “Partner Collaboration and Programs” at the Channels Partners Show in Washington D.C….“… by next year, 100 percent of our new business will be through partners … We know you guys are the eyes in front of the customers.”–Bob Loftus, vice president partner programs, […]

Business News – Sprint Improves Wholesale Order Management

Posted: 06/2000 Sprint Improves Wholesale Order Management Sprint Wholesale ( will expand its portfolio of e-business applications with the release of two new solutions that permit greater customer management and control in order management.The Sprint Wholesale DeskTop Manager III and Sprint Wholesale InfoLink, electronic order management tools, will replace previous order-entry tools utilizing Sprint Mail […]

Product News

Posted: 05/2000 Product News ECI Telecom’s XDM Reduces Optical Network CostsAt CeBIT 2000, ECI Telecom launched XDM, a revolutionary optical platform. XDM is the first product to integrate within a single shelf the functionality of a DWDM optical networking multiplexer, narrow, wide and broadband Digital Cross-Connects, IP routing, ATM switching and Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) […]

Aptis, EDS Launch Intercarrier Billing Innovations

Posted: 03/2000 Aptis, EDS Launch Intercarrier Billing Innovations By Peter Lambert Since no service should go uncharged, Aptis Software Inc. and global information technology integrator consultant EDS ( have unveiled new services to make life easier for customers whose communications routinely cross carrier boundaries. The services are designed to help providers keep up with the […]

Cross-Border Customer Care

Posted: 03/1999 Cross-Border Customer Care By Denise Culver When Internet protocol (IP) telephony was introduced a scant few years ago, the handful of companies that were utilizing the technology weren’t too concerned about how they would bill for the service or whether their customer service would be up to par. After all, they had just […]

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