Posted: 1/2002 Not Necessarily News Overhead… …at the Association of Local Telecommunications Services (ALTS) Business Conference in Washington discussing the Tauzin-Dingell bill (H.R. 1542), the Internet Freedom and Broadband De-ployment Act of 2001… "His name is John Dingell; it isn’t Tauzin-Dingell as many people tend to think. In fact, this is probably his biggest regret […]

Partner Channel: Framing Up The Opportunities

Posted: 11/2001 Partner Channel FRAMING UP THE OPPORTUNITIES By Tara Seals Newer technologies such as IP-based virtual private networks (VPNs) may win more ink and praise, but frame relay remains the tried-and-true solution that draws customers. Channel partners can cash in on this lucrative data transport service as, more than ever before, small and mid-size […]

Special Report: Agency Eases Disaster Recovery

Posted: 11/2001 Special Report Restoring America’s Connections Agency Eases Disaster Recovery By Tara Seals In the aftermath of the World Trade Center twin towers collapse, unrest and insecurity run through the business world, as everyone tries to make sense of the post-attack economy. Disaster recovery and business continuity services, like those offered by Fortune Consulting […]

E-Channel: Nonprofits Find Affinity with

Posted: 02/2001 Nonprofits Find Affinity with By Becky Bracken In an effort to attract more traffic to its website, Inc. ( recently implemented its Affinity Program for nonprofit organizations. Because nonprofits rarely have the in-house expertise to design a communications solution, can apply its reach across the telecommunications sector as a business-to-business […]

Regulatory News – Advisory Group Named to Design FCC Reform Plan

Posted: 12/2000 Advisory Group Named to Design FCC Reform Plan By Kim Sunderland Washington-based think tank Progress & Freedom Foundation (PFF, is expected to release a report this month on how best to reform the FCC ( The PFF recruited 15 of the nation’s foremost communications experts to serve on its Communications Policy Advisory Committee. […]

Carrier Channel: Webmaking is ‘Sticky’ Business

Posted: 07/2000 Webmaking is ‘Sticky’ Business By Aldo Morri In many respects web hosting is the platform or foundation of the new Internet economy. Websites are today’s new storefronts; clusters of servers–web hosts–are replacing the brick-and-mortar facilities that defined businesses in the past.As a result, businesses are compelled to seek out providers of web hosting […]

Business News – Cisco Takes Over Key Chip Maker

Posted: 04/2000 Cisco Takes Over Key Chip Maker BY CHARLOTTE WOLTERStrengthening its service provider infrastructure expertise, Cisco Systems Inc. ( has acquired integrated circuit (IC) design firm Growth Networks Inc., a leader in a new category of telecommunications silicon, Internet switch fabrics.The deal is worth about $335 million in Cisco common stock, which will be […]

Pricing Tools Simplify Network Design

Posted: 10/1999 Pricing Tools Simplify Network Design By Liz Montalbano With the growing number of facilities-based providers in the telco market, shopping for a network has become more like a trip to a shopping mall than a stop at the corner store. Since it’s not just incumbents or the Big Three that have fiber and […]

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