CGI Introduces IPCentricITy

CGI Group Inc. at Billing and OSS World conference in Philadelphia launched IPCentricITy, a way for communications providers to design and deliver revenue-producing services using IP technology, said Cindy Ryland-Glynn, CGI director of consulting services, in a statement. The technology is partly made up of the IPCentricITy Service Delivery Solution (SDS), which provides application components […]

Telcordia Launches MVNO Services

OSS provider Telcordia Technologies Inc. has launched a new hosted MVNO product to help service providers offer prepaid wireless services without owning or managing a network. We are creating new business opportunities by eliminating barriers to entry and removing the burden of building and managing expensive and complex network infrastructure and applications, says Doug Patterson, […]

TeleGea Launches VoIP OS

TeleGea Inc. has launched its open-source software platform, the TeleGea VoIP Operating System (OS). The company says New Global Telecom is the latest carrier to deploy the application, using it to meet demand for its hosted VoIP service, 6DegreesIP, for resellers and end users. The TeleGea VoIP OS acts as a central, intermediary software layer, […]

PRIMUS Canada Chooses Brix Software

PRIMUS Telecommunications Canada Inc., one of Canadas largest carriers, is using service assurance products from Brix Networks to measure the quality of its PRIMUS Canada TalkBroadband VoIP service. PRIMUS Canada and Brix said today PRIMUS initially will deploy the Brix VoIP PreQual Application as part of its recently introduced Web portal My TalkBroadband that lets […]

Look Before You VoIP

For a battered telecom industry, VoIP appears as an oasis in a desert, but practitioners caution that it’s a destination providers should not journey toward without a worn roadmap. “On the surface, it appears to be easy and plug-and-play; and it is not. A lot of people underestimate what it takes to deliver this service […]

Telution Unveils Support for VoIP

Telution Inc. reveals full support for voice over IP at Billing and OSS World 2004. Z-Tel Communications was announced as a customer, which is using Telutions COMX OSS product to back its VoIP service rollout. Telution has enhanced modular order handling, service control, service assurance, revenue management and customizable business reporting within COMX to manage […]

PowerNet Global to Deploy IP Voice Network

PowerNet Global Communications (Booth 205), an integrated communications provider, is using its Aleron OC48 nationwide backbone to deploy an IP-based voice network in 11 U.S. cities, the company announced today. To roll out their facilities-based network, PowerNet Global has joined forces with softswitch vendor Veraz Networks. "Opening up key growth markets with enhanced, facilities-based services […]

PowerNet Global Goes Nationwide

Posted: 12/2003 PowerNet Global Goes Nationwide PowerNet Global Communications will build an 11-city IP-based voice network to deliver national long distance. PowerNet Global says the move to facilities will enhance its long-distance reseller business in key markets. The company has selected Veraz’s ControlSwitch, an open softswitch platform, and 50,000 ports of Veraz’s I-Gate 4000 media […]

Business News – Qwest, Broadwing to Buy Intelligent Optical

Posted: 07/2000 Qwest, Broadwing to Buy Intelligent Optical By Charlotte Wolter Qwest Communications International Inc. ( and Broadwing Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Broadwing Inc. (, have announced large deployments of intelligent optical technology in their long-haul and metro networks.They join Williams Communications Inc. (, Level 3 Communications Inc. ( and several European long-haul […]

AT&T to Build Metro Network with Help from SomeFriends

Posted: 02/2000 AT&T to Build Metro Network with Help from Some Friends By Liz Montalbano AT&T Corp. ( has contracted with three carriers to build a fiber optic network linking 30 major U.S. metropolitan areas. Working with CapRock Communications Corp. (, PF.Net and Touch America, Inc. (, AT&T will overlay the new conduit and fiber […]

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