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The Biggest M&A of March-April 2016

Verizon. Frontier. CenturyLink. XO Communications. Mitel. IBM. Those telecom and IT giants were only a handful of the companies making M&A waves in the past two months.

SoftBank-Sprint Deal Faces Small Hurdle

This probably won’t turn out to be a major roadblock. While many red flags have been raised about proposed Chinese buyouts of U.S. companies, a Japanese business is less likely to draw concern from lawmakers.

AT&T Divestiture Talks Wane

Talks to divest assets worth more than 30 percent of the merger’s value to Leap Wireless International Inc. reportedly have broken down amid concerns that such an arrangement still couldn’t win approval from the Justice Department.

AT&T Faces Potential Delay in DOJ Trial

The Justice Department plans either to ask a federal court to stay the proceedings, or alternatively, withdraw an antitrust case against AT&T, at least for now.

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