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Verizon Moves Security Into the Cloud

Delivered via Verizons global IP network, one of the most extensive in the world, the new security services enable businesses to add new locations to their protective umbrella using a centralized management console for real-time provisioning.

South Korean Cyber Attacks Continue

South Korea remains on high alert after waves of denial of service (DoS) attacks hit government servers there and in the United States this week. South Korea had thought the worst was over until a fresh wave of sites were targeted on Thursday, including one of its largest institutions, Kookmin Bank. Suspicions abound that North […]

Cisco Cops to WLAN Security Flaws

Wireless LANs have long since shaken the stigma of being less secure than their wireline counterparts, but this week Cisco Systems Inc. raised and old specter by issuing an alert warning of major security flaws in some of its WLAN controllers for voice and data applications. There are four specific vulnerabilities that Cisco identified in […]

VoIPshield Finds Vulnerabilities in Major Platforms

If your customers use VoIP systems from Avaya, Cisco Systems Inc. or Nortel, they could be susceptible to dozens of security vulnerabilities. On Wednesday, VoIPshield Laboratories, the research division of VoIPshield Systems Inc., said it has discovered more than 100 design or implementation flaws that hackers can exploit. Possible extortion includes service outages, spying on […]

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