Accessing the Potential of IP Telephony

Posted: 10/2000 Accessing the Potential of IP Telephony By Terrence Skemer In the last two years, major carriers have announced significant spending on packet-based core networks. Verizon Commu-nications’ ( billion-dollar investment in metropolitan data networks and SBC Communication Inc.’s ( $6 billion packet-based buildout are two examples of this trend. These new network buildouts are […]

Trading Post

Q: What Is the Role of Pooling Points? A: Key components of capacity trading and a liquid marketplace include: A standardized contract that eliminates the lengthy negotiations that attend the one-off purchase and sale agreements used today; marketplaces or mechanisms–online exchanges, brokers and the like–for matching buyers and sellers, supplying credit and settlement support, and […]

Carrier Channel: OTC Bandwidth Brokers Partner

Posted: 08/2000 OTC Bandwidth Brokers PartnerOver the counter (OTC) brokers are forging partnerships to bring their matchmaking skills to capacity trading, intending to eliminate bids and offers floating unanswered in cyberspace.Chapel Hill Broadband ( announced in July an exclusive deal with ( to link buyers and sellers of wholesale capacity. The arrangement expands […]

Opcenter: Convergent Billing the ASP Way

Posted: 07/2000 Convergent Billing the ASP Way By Khali Henderson Small and startup telecom service providers have long availed themselves of the cost and time-to-market advantages of outsourcing their billing services to a third-party service bureau as an alternative to developing an in-house billing system. Now, there may be a middle ground.Changes in computing technology […]

Internet Telephony – Sterling Time Develops E-Commerce Delivery Solution

Posted: 06/2000 Sterling Time Develops E-Commerce Delivery SolutionSterling Time Company, Inc. ( has unveiled its On!ine 3200 Point Of Sale (POS) terminal. Private label prepaid Internet is one of the first programs available through the terminal.The purchase of the “Time2Surf” prepaid card entitles the user to 30 days of unlimited Internet access. The POS terminal […]

Regulatory News – Bell Atlantic’s OSS Problems Spill Out of N.Y.

Posted:  05/2000 Delivery Deadline Set for Telecom Relay Services The FCC ( amended its rules governing the delivery of Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) to expand its availability to consumers who have hearing and speech impairments, as well as to improve its QoS. In its order, the commission seeks comment on how to improve TRS and […]

Toward Cost-Effective ‘Convergence’

Posted: 03/2000 Toward Cost-Effective ‘Convergence’ By Pedro Colaco Deregulation and fierce competition are reducing revenue and eroding profit margins, which no longer surprises any voice service provider. Also, revenue growth in the voice services market virtually has halted at between 2 percent and 5 percent in the United States and is only slightly higher globally. […]

No New Wires

Posted: 06/1999 No New Wires Fulfilling the Promise of Power Line Telecom By Khali Henderson Competitive telecommunications service providers currently are handicapped at the last mile as only the incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) have wired access to the end users’ premises. For competitive LECs (CLECs) to reach the end user, they have to lease […]

Keys to Creating Managed VPN Services for the Enterprise

Posted: 09/1998 Keys to Creating Managed VPN Services for the Enterprise By Kurt Bauer Virtual private networks (VPNs) are nothing short of a revolution in how enterprises can deploy advanced network services. Through VPN technology, enterprises can network remote offices, integrate data and applications with key partners and develop even closer relationships with customers. The […]

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