Play to Win in VoIP

In the highly competitive VoIP marketplace, developing the right channel partner relationships and strategies is the key to success. In todays general session, Succeed, Dont Just Survive: Playing To Win in VoIP, Bill Taylor, president of consulting firm Corporate Ladders, promises to provide new ideas to reshape toolkits for success in this very lucrative arena. […]

Defining and Questioning the Value of VoIP Peering

Peering between VoIP providers has gotten a lot of press in recent months, but the session VoIP 3.0 – Interoperability in 2007, held today at COMPTEL PLUS, will do more than just rehash the definitions and prospects for VoIP peering. It actually will question the value of VoIP peering for service providers. At least thats […]

Air Traffic Control

IT SHOULD COME AS NO SURPRISE that the state of the mobile enterprise is in disarray. Because wireless carriers initially built their businesses in the consumer markets, enterprises long have been treated as an amalgamation of consumers. Too often employees procure their own wireless services and expense the cost an approach that fails to deliver […]

TAG: Defining the Master Agent

Posted: 09/2002 Defining the Master Agent By Tara Seals Brad Miehl MASTER AGENTS LONG HAVE BEEN THOUGHT of as aggregators of business. Webster’s Dictionary defines an "agent" as one who is authorized to act for or in the place of another as a business representative. "Master," as an adjective, is defined as being a device […]

Trading Desk: Master Agreement Needs a ‘Bit’ of Defining

Posted: 01/2001 Master Agreement Needs a ‘Bit’ of Defining By Bruce Christian For months now, the word has been that a standardized master bandwidth purchase and sale contract could be reached "any day." The trouble is, "any day" never seems to pass. The industrywide committee negotiating the agreement, led by the Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel, […]

The Pitch: The Bundle–What, Why & How Much?

Posted: 04/1999 The Bundle–What, Why & How Much? By Liz Montalbano When AT&T Corp. launched its Personal Network offering Jan. 27, telecom bundling theorists finally saw their pontifications realized in what is being touted as the first true bundle for consumers. AT&T Personal Network combines wireless, wireline, home phone and payphone calling at one rate–10 […]

FCC Must Guide Industry Toward Clarity in Phone Bill Battle

Posted: 01/1999 FCC Must Guide Industry Toward Clarity in Phone Bill Battle By Kim Sunderland It’s anybody’s guess how much the Federal Commun-ications Commi-sion (FCC) will regulate the way telecommunications carriers format their telephone bills. What’s certain is that there’s a problem with how various industry segments present billing information to their customers. The FCC’s […]

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