Towerstream Closes Stock Offering, Shares Decline

Towerstream Corp.s stock has taken a beating since the fixed wireless broadband provider went public on the Nasdaq in late May. Its share prices fell 3 percent during the first week of trading, however, and now the company has sold $40 million of its stock for less than market price. Towerstream announced last week it […]

NPRG Report Forecasts Intensifying Telecom Competition

The annual Competitive Carrier Report 2006, 20th Edition, published by New Paradigm Resources Group Inc. (NPRG, Booth 600), forecasts another year of brass-knuckle market combat as the competitive local telecom industry enters its 10th year under the Telecom Act and the winners will be companies that fight smart, not just hard, according to NPRG. NPRG […]

MCI Consumer Sales Continue Decline

MCI Inc., the phone company whos at the center of a bidding war between Qwest Communications International Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc., on Friday posted an annual net loss of $3.89 billion and said it expected revenue this year to decline by 10 percent to 14 percent. Annual revenue at MCI dropped 15 percent to […]

Mapping the New Long-Distance Landscape

At the end of 2003, there were 631 longdistance carriers in the United States that generated $86.3 billion in interexchange revenue, according to ATLANTIC-ACM’s new study “The New Long Distance Landscape 2004-2009: Sizing & Share.” Regulatory events throughout 2003 and this year are dramatically altering the long-distance landscape, however, and these carriers face a turbulent, […]

Service Provider Confidence Index – Sage Gauge

Posted: 9/2004 SAGE GAUGE The Sage Research Inc. July 2004 index of service provider confidence in current conditions continued its downward slide, falling three points back into “negative” territory (below 50) for the first time since January 2004. Declines in the overall industry conditions and investor confidence subindices primarily were responsible for the overall drop. […]

The Analyst Corner – Private Line: A Casualty of IP?

Private Line: A Casualty of IP? Once the cash cow of data transport, the future of private-line services is in jeopardy as the world slowly migrates to IP, according to a new report from In-Stat/MDR. The high-tech market research firm expects that growth will stagnate in the near term, with the market facing an eventual […]

Carrier Channel: Bears & Shares

Posted: 11/2002 Bears & Shares: The Shifting World of Long Distance By Taher Bouzayen and Dr. Judy Reed Smith WHO THOUGHT TWO YEARS AGO that economic conditions would deteriorate to current levels of declining earnings, increasing losses and increasing unemployment? Who thought a year ago that telecom capital expenditures would stay at its lowest levels? […]

Telecommodities Indices – DS-3 Bandwidth Decline Again

Posted: 10/2000 DS-3 Bandwidth Decline Again n tracking the current weighted average coast-to-coast price of DS-3 bandwidth, RTBX*RPI reports the August 2000 rate of $24,690 declined 8 percent, or $2,168, from July’s rate of $26,858. The rate reduction means prices have declined on a month-to-month basis in six of the last seven months.Current month to […]

Convergence of Market Forces Is Future of SpotMarket

Posted: 11/1999 Convergence of Market Forces Is Future of Spot Market Downward pressure in the spot market on rates is having a decisive impact on the fundamental structure of the industry. As rates decline, the industry adjusts contract structures and trading mechanisms on its own in the spot market, while regulators must account for these […]

Occupational Hazard

Posted: 10/1999 Occupational Hazard Telecom Careers Headed for Detour By John McMorrow The telecommunications industry is changing and so are its jobs. Industry and occupational boundaries will begin to blur. Changes in consumer demand, markets, technology and business practices will reshuffle labor demand. New occupations will emerge and other occupations will disappear. While total employment […]

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