Regulatory News – Bell Atlantic’s OSS Problems Spill Out of N.Y.

Posted:  05/2000 Government Throttles Deceptive Long-Distance Advertising BY KIM SUNDERLAND To the delight of U.S. consumers, deceitful ads are on their way out if the federal government has anything to say about it.And if carriers continue to play this way, they eventually will pay.In new guidelines aimed at promoting truth-in-advertising (including dial-around “10-10” services), a […]

Consumer Disclosure: Next Step for Phone CardMarketers

Posted: 03/2000 Consumer Disclosure: Next Step for Phone Card Marketers By Howard Segermark Consulting firm ATLANTIC-ACM ( predicts that in 2000, approximately $5 billion worth of phone cards will be sold in the United States alone. That’s practically one-half billion cards. The industry is fairly crowded. And, although there have been numerous consolidations, many companies […]

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