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Posted: 12/2003 new products VERSATEL NETWORKS DEBUTS SERVICE PROVIDER SUPPORT PROGRAM, MIGRATION CENTER Versatel’s new migration center Versatel Networks Inc., which provides switching platforms for prepaid service providers, has unveiled the Versatel Networks Service Bureau Migration Partners program. The company says the program pairs prepaid service providers looking to move from a service bureau to […]


Posted: 11/2003 CHANNEL NEWS No-Wires Conference Bridging Debuts through Channels ClearOne Communications Inc. and Arkon Technologies Inc. have brought the conferencing and wireless worlds together this summer with the introduction of Max Wireless, the first wireless conferencing phone, which will be available through ClearOnes distributor channels as well as retail channels under the Olympia brand […]

ASCENT: Antel Telecom Debuts Call Center for U.S. Carriers

Bolivia could be the next offshore destination for U.S. companies looking to outsource call center operations. Antel Telecom Inc. (Booth 101) has announced the availability of its new call center, located in Bolivia’s capital, La Paz. This is the first international call center of its type in that country. Antel Telecom’s call center hosts about […]

Partner Channel – Universal Access Debuts Agent Program

Posted: 10/2001 Partner Channel Universal Access Debuts Agent Program By Khali HeendersonAfter months of development and planning, Universal Access launched its channel distribution program-opting for an agency modelThe new program was rolled out Aug. 1 to agents. Four initial contracts were signed early that month. Formal introduction of the program was scheduled to take place […]

Overheard …

Posted: 06/2000 Overheard …… discussing the future of local resale …“I think it is too early to say it will completely go away. But the LECs are slow moving. As different technologies push them, as DSL pushes them, integrated access pushes them on local access, as a lot of medium-sized and larger business markets push […]

Business News – Bell Atlantic Debuts ‘Surprise Free’ Long Distance

Posted: 06/2000 Bell Atlantic Debuts ‘Surprise Free’ Long Distance BY KHALI HENDERSON Putting a new spin on prepaid communications, Bell Atlantic Corp. ( introduced SmartTouch long-distance service, which allows consumers to prepay for long-distance calls made from their home without dialing access codes or PINs. The plan offers state-to-state direct dial calls for 8 cents […]

Sprint Debuts on Broadway: Enter, Reselling

Posted: 01/2000 Sprint Debuts on Broadway: Enter, Reselling By Ken Branson If you can make it in New York, the old saw says, you can make it anywhere. At least Sprint Corp. (, having entered the local service market in the state of New York as a CLEC, thinks that Albany, Buffalo, Long Island and […]

Savvis Debuts Global Network for VPNs

Posted: 11/1999 Savvis Debuts Global Network for VPNs By Charlotte Wolter Savvis Communications Corp., St. Louis, has combined its 18-city U.S. network with the global offering of its parent firm, Bridge Information Systems, to create an 87-city global (Internet protocol [IP]/asynchronous transfer model [ATM]) network. The network will be operated by the Savvis business unit […]

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