Change of Season

Posted: 09/2001 Change of Season Hollings’ Leadership Leaves No Question That Bell-Friendly Legislation is a Moot Point By Kim Sunderland Sen. Ernest “Fritz” Hollings Sen. Ernest “Fritz” Hollings (D-S.C.), the new chairman of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee and long-time Bell adversary, is poised to introduce legislation that would require the RBOCs to separate into […]

Opcenter: Value-based IP Billing Prompts Standards Debate

Posted: 04/2000 Value-based IP Billing Prompts Standards Debate By Peter Lambert Converged telecommunications services billing stands on the verge of radical changes this year. Service providers face the tantalizing prospect of measuring and charging for every bit, byte and onscreen click that occurs within the Internet-based services they offer.Yet the question of which methods to […]

Debate on Access Charges Heads Back to FCC

Posted: 07/1999 Debate on Access Charges Heads Back to FCC By Kim Sunderland Just as several interexchange carriers (IXCs) and incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) attempt to help the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) revise its access charge rules, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has struck them down. The FCC, according […]

Thank You

Posted: 07/1999 Thank You Thank you. Two small words that when used carry so much weight. Their impact is greater still when left unsaid. In fact, studies show that appreciation is among a human being’s most claimed prizes, valued more greatly than money. (This is a statistical trend; individual opinions of carrier sales reps may […]

Public Interest Debate Moves to Center Stage

Posted: 11/1998 Public Interest Debate Moves to Center Stage By Carol L. Bowers With the regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) closer than ever to satisfying the Telecom-munications Act of 1996’s 14-point checklist for in-region long distance entry, the debate is about to shift from whether they’ve satisfied the law’s requirements to whether it would be […]

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