Dear Data VAR,

WELCOME TO PHONE+ MAGAZINE! We have extended a subscription invitation to more than 41,000 data VARs like you over the past 60 days. We are glad that you have decided to join us to learn about the opportunity of providing bundled voice and data products and services to your customers. This is the perfect time […]

Ask The Expert

Dear Expert Eye, What does the loss of UNE-P mean for agents? How are we affected by the recent regulatory changes, and what do we need to do to avoid losing business? –Anonymous Dear Anonymous, The recent wave of regulatory changes regarding UNE-P resale is already having profound implications for both service providers and agents. […]

Ask The Expert

Dear Expert Eye, What are your feelings on the overall viability of the telecom industry, considering the drastic cuts in spending that services such as VoIP represent? What do you recommend agents do to mitigate the risks of lost business? Predictions? Recommendations? –Geoff Shepstone, Telecom Brokerage Inc . Dear Geoff, The $300 billion telecommunications industry […]

Ask The Expert

Dear Sir, In your experience, what are the most reliable and trusted Internet marketing methods which would best serve to bring in qualified business leads to our independent communications consultancy? We have direct and reseller contracts with many major vendors, but great services and rates mean little if you can’t get the word out. Like many […]

There’s A Hole in the Bucket, Dear Telco

Posted: 10/2001 There’s A Hole in the Bucket, Dear Telco By Jeff Maszal, Donna Nogay and Kelly O’Donnell Hughes Are average American consumers — our mothers, our brothers, our classmates, our colleagues, our children — unreasonable? Most of us don’t need to see all the research studies to know that most customers have reasonable expectations, […]

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