Round Table

… ON SPRINT CORP.’S PLANNED MERGER WITH NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS INC. “This creates three big wireless competitors carrying about 75 percent of the traffic, which is very helpful. Three major carriers can help keep prices low for customers, expenses lower for the companies and innovation high.” independent analyst Jeff Kagan “Assuming this merger is approved by […]

Round Table

Posted: 11/2003 … ON THE PERMANENT INTERNET TAX MORATORIUM PROPOSED BY THE INTERNET TAX NON-DISCRIMINATION ACT. The Internet Tax Non-Discrimination Act promotes the growth and expansion of the Internet by ensuring that all Americans have unencumbered access to the information superhighway. Rhett Dawson, president, Information Technology Industry Council [The act] by preempting a variety of […]

Pushing the LEC Envelope

Posted: 10/2002 Pushing the LEC Envelope Third-party Clearing Evolves into Specialty Billing Service By Khali Henderson IN THE EARLY DAYS OF TELECOM COMPETITION when end users were resistant to change, inclusion of their call records on a LEC bill was pay dirt for startup competitive providers. It was an economical way to invoice and collect […]

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