Not Necessarily News

Hit The Spot The phenom Web reality show, “The Spot,” has graduated from the computer to Sprint PCS Vision phones. Noting America’s appetite for unscripted drama, Sprint has launched the original content series on its enhanced Nationwide PCS Network for select PCS Vision phones. Subscribers can interact with the show’s so-called Spotmates, directly influencing program’s […]

DCA Services Provides Daily Rating

DCA Services (Booth 527) now can provide clients with daily rating and real-time processing through BillPool, DCA’s new suite of rating and taxing programs. Each day BillPool automatically picks up call detail records from a carrier, stores them in DCA’s SQL database and then validates, costs and taxes the records. BillPool provides clients with a […]

ExchangingThoughts onthe Exchange

IN-BOX Exchanging Thoughts on the ExchangeI was interested to read your recent article “Communications Breakdown” [in the Feb. 21 CompTel Daily on bandwidth exchanges]. You come to the same conclusion I did a year ago; all the proposed “exchanges” are not commodity exchanges at all.Your observations are mostly correct except that regulation is not necessary […]

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