Stock Watch: Terrorist Attacks Slam Markets

Posted: 11/2001 Stock Watch Terrorist Attacks Slam Markets The markets, along with the broader economy, came to a virtual standstill following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Trading was halted for four days following the tragedy.Once they reopened, the markets suffered steep losses. Investors fear an already weak […]

Stock Watch – Market Climbs on Long-Term View

Posted: 07/2001 Stock Watch Market Climbs on Long-Term View The Federal Reserve’s rate cut of 50 basis points announced on the last day of our trading session (May 15) failed to rally Wall Street, but the more positive outlook on the economy gave a boost to the market. The rate cut, the fifth this year, […]

Stock Watch

Posted: 01/2001 Stock Watch Fed’s Tightening Bias Worries Market The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee ( met the last day of our trading session (Nov. 15) and decided not to raise interest rates–a move widely expected by Wall Street. However, investors were hoping the Fed might change its bias, signaling that the slowing economy has […]

Stock Watch

Posted: 10/2000 Stock Watch Techs Flounder as Blue Chips Jump Investors pulled their dollars from tech stocks in August and headed for the blue chip sector, putting more value into the slower growth but sturdier structure of traditional stocks. Government economic figures released at the end of our trading session (August 15) produced inconclusive data […]

Regulatory News – Congress Continues FCC Squeeze

Posted:  09/2000 Congress Continues FCC Squeeze By Kim Sunderland Some members of Congress have continued their assault on the FCC ( in their attempt to curb the commission’s powers by cutting its budget and imposing time limits on its deliberation of telecom industry mergers.This summer, the U.S. House of Representatives ( passed a spending bill […]

Internet, Old Media Marriage Rattles Wall Street

Posted: 03/2000 Internet, Old Media Marriage Rattles Wall Street The buzz at the end of our trading session was the proposed merger between America Online Inc. (AOL) ( and Time Warner Inc. ( After the initial elation, shares for both stocks were pummeled as investors worried about the two companies’ abilities to weave their lives […]

Carriers Help Customers Cut Cord

Posted: 01/2000 Carriers Help Customers Cut Cord By Shelly Tyler Service providers are looking to differentiate their services, reduce churn, increase average revenue per user and attract new, high-value customers. One way carriers can achieve all these goals is to offer their business customers wireless office services. Wireless office customers are "golden customers" because they […]

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