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What Is a Clients Lifetime Value?

Matt Duray, President and CEO, The Connect Group When we go through our daily lives, it is easy to overlook the transactions that ensue every day: a tank of gas here, a cup of coffee there, grocery shopping at night. When looked at in isolation, the cost of customer dissatisfaction from these transactions seems minimal. […]

Tech Might Does Not Make Right

        Josh Anderson, founder and CEO, Telephony Partners In my last post, What Have You Done for Me Lately?, I discussed the impact of commoditization on the value proposition of our industry and how that commoditization, when paired with out-of-whack incentives that discourage long-term considerations, negatively impacts the ethical foundation of our […]

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

      Josh Anderson, Founder and CEO, Telephony Partners My initiation into the ethics in the telecommunications industry was not unlike a fraternity hazing. I began as a subagent of a master who ultimately decided that my commissions were better suited to his bank account than mine. I then moved to another master and […]

Agents Are Fed Up

      By Peter Radizeski, President of RAD-INFO Last week, I received an e-mail from a client that his customer’s 3xT1 was up for renewal. They wanted to down grade to a 2xT1. The current ILEC’s quote was unacceptable, but seemed reasonable to me. Many folks are downgrading circuits in today’s economy. I don’t […]

LOA Em & Leave Em

        John Abram, president and CEO, Compass Communications Inc. It amazes me that prospects don’t know who helped them place their last order for voice and data services. Most of the time they don’t even know the provider they use, and nine times out of 10 they don’t remember the person who […]

Interactive Intelligence Adds Contact Center SMS

Interactive Intelligence Inc. (ININ), a unified communications package provider, is adding short message service as an additional media type to its multichannel contact center software suite, Customer Interaction Center (CIC). The new SMS features, available by yearend, are designed to help contact centers increase customer retention and satisfaction – which represent two huge works in progress […]

Are Carriers Stepping on Agents Toes?

        Josh Anderson, founder and CEO, Telephony Partners Retention is a critical component to the success of every distribution tier in our industry. Carriers, master agents and subagents all have a vested interest in maintaining business that they fought hard to acquire. That said, the agendas of these three entities can sometimes […]

Roundtable: Reaction to FCC Scolding Verizon

The FCC voted, 4-1, that Verizon used unfair retention practices to keep customers from switching to cable companies by offering discounts and American Express reward cards. Several government and industry leaders weighed in on the decision. “[This] action underscores long-held commission policy that using proprietary customer information for marketing efforts cannot take place during the […]

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