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T-Mobile Customers Most Likely to Switch, Verizon Least

Among handset manufacturers, only Apple’s iPhone seems to have a real lock on its customer base. Even owners of the wildly popular Samsung Galaxy S III wouldn’t hesitate to dump their current smartphone for something else.

iPhone Owners Loyal, Other Smartphone Users Not

Almost three in five iPhone owners say theyll buy another iPhone when theyre done with their current device, but if youre a manufacturer not named Apple, you should be concerned about the surveys other findings.

Survey: Verizon iPhone Would Sell Big

A new survey from ChangeWave shows that a Verizon iPhone could have a big impact on the smartphone market. In a just-released study, the company said that in March it interviewed more than 4,000 consumers on attitudes toward the wireless industry. One of the questions was, “If the Apple iPhone became available on your current […]

40% of BlackBerry Users Want iPhone, Android Instead

Lust for something different grows inside an overwhelming percentage of Blackberry users’ hearts, apparently: Nearly 40 percent of them would switch to the iPhone, and a whopping third of them would switch to the Android operating system, given the chance. And, it appears that Blackberry might be in trouble in general in terms of staying […]

Verizon Wireless: ‘We’re No. 1 in Customer Loyalty’

Verizon Wireless has customers that love it, and would like everyone to know this. The cellco issued a press release on the subject, detailing its churn rates for the fourth quarter of 2009, which, when compared to the earnings of its competitors, it says, comes in as the lowest domestically, as it has for the […]

Creating Customer Loyalty Best Practices for Keeping Clients

Building customer loyalty and being a successful independent telecom agent go hand in hand. The value proposition of the indirect channel the ability to offer solutions from multiple carriers in order to best meet the needs of the customer is a customer loyalty-builder in and of itself.

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