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Making the Case for Niche Clouds

Cloud is indeed a digital Sparta, so how will you and your merry band of 300 warriors survive? Here’s a battle plan to success: Niche clouds offer their channel partners high margins, a better customer experience and a product that is best in its class.

Wireless, Internet Customer Experience Leaders Named

What’s disturbing about the report is that none of the companies in the wireless or Internet categories scored any higher than 119 (Tracfone) out 268. U.S. Cellular finished almost dead last (264) overall.

XO Names Interim CEO

XO Communications has appointed Laura Thomas to lead the company as interim chief executive officer. Thomas, the companys current chief financial officer, will also retain responsibility for the company’s financial leadership as CFO.

Letterman I Am Not

Tools, support, customer experience and certification are all important to keep in mind when selecting an Internet service provider.

XO Expands in Atlanta Area

The company says its now able to serve thousands of new businesses and offer them a more competitive alternative for their local and nationwide communications and networking needs in the Atlanta area.

Boost Contact Center Sales, Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Contact centers — whether hosted, premises-based or hybrid — are hot tamales these days despite an economic slowdown. At the heart of this sustained demand lies the need for companies to shore up their bread and butter customers. Accordingly, the customer experience is moving front and center for businesses, opening the door for agents and […]

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