Final Curtain Falls on UNE-P

MARCH 11, 2006, IS THE day UNE-P lease rates become mere footnotes to the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The day has been anticipated for a few years and been part of the official record since the FCCs ruling in December 2004. Because of this long lead time, the deadline is a non-event in the industry, […]

XOs Wireless Encore Leads With Wholesale

XO COMMUNICATIONS INC. LIFTED THE curtain in November on a plan to spin off its national wireline business for $700 million in cash, creating a new fixed wireless wholesale company under a different, as-yet-undecided name. The news brings the company spotlight full circle: It began life as wireless provider NEXTLINK Communications Inc., after all. We […]


The article, Curtain Call: Bill Presentation Critical to Good Reviews for Customer Relations, in PHONE+ May 2005, Pages 50-52, misidentified an image of a sample bill from CSG. PHONE+ apologizes for the error.

Curtain Call

Clever marketing, better-than-ever customer service and an ever-growing array of interesting service bundles may be the glamorous face of the communications industry today, but the often underappreciated telecom bill plays just as important a part in the theater of customer interaction. Proper bill presentment can reduce operational expenditures for the service provider, aid marketing efforts […]

Behind the Curtain

Posted: 10/2003 Behind the Curtain Web Hosters Launch, Expand Reseller Programs By Khali Henderson The Web hosting business is not as easy as it sounds. Witness the ongoing consolidation and recent exoduses of large carriers from the space. This doesnt mean Internet and telecom companies necessarily must write off adding Web hosting to their portfolios […]

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