CommPartners Hosts Yak Communications VoIP Network

Wholesale VoIP provider CommPartners Inc. has agreed to roll out hosted services so Canada-based Yak Communications Inc. can offer unlimited calling as part of its new Yak WorldCity VoIP service. Instead of spending significant sums of money to duplicate a network infrastructure for the YakUnlimited Calling Service, we are partnering with CommPartners to deliver a […]

Whitacre In, Dorman Out at New AT&T

SBC Communications Inc. yesterday named the senior management team that will lead the company once it has acquired AT&T Corp. Missing from the lineup is AT&T CEO and Chairman David Dorman. Instead, current SBC head Edward E. Whitacre Jr. will serve as chairman of the board and CEO of the new AT&T. Dorman will resign […]

Quintrex Adds Marketing Modules

Quintrex Data Systems Corp. (Booth 1141) has added a marketing management solution to its integrated customer care, billing and accounting software package. The functionality targets communications providers on a budget, wanting to market and bundle services for the triple play and wireless markets. In order for ILECs to compete in todays competitive market place, it […]

AVESTOR Debuts New 80Ah LMP Battery

AVESTOR (Booth 1604), a world leader in lithium-metal-polymer (LMP) battery technology, is launching its second LMP battery for the telecommunications market, the SE48S80 battery with 80Ah at 48 volts. As the second product in the line of LMP batteries developed by AVESTOR, the SE48S80 battery features more power, new features and greater energy density. The […]

VoIP Inc. Names New CEO

VoIP Inc. said today it has hired B. Michael Adler as its new chairman and CEO. Company founder and current chairman and CEO Steven Ivester will become VoIP Inc.s corporate strategist.Adler founded VoIP application services company WQN Inc., which VoIP Inc. acquired last week. He also is CEO of Eagle Venture Capital LLC, a Delaware […]

TAG Announces C-TAP

Technology Assurance Group (TAG), an international organization of independently owned telecommunication companies and an association sponsor of The Fall 2005 Channel Partners Conference & Expo, announces it has partnered with Great American Leasing Company, a privately held lease financing firm, to launch the Current Technology Assurance Plan (C-TAP). The C-TAP program ensures the telecom and […]

CornerStone Continues Expansion

CornerStone Telephone Company, a local service reseller based in Troy, N.Y., is continuing to expand by opening a new office and hiring eight new employees. CornerStone is opening a new office in Carlisle, Penn. The provider has hired three new salespeople, a new account relations manager, a customer service representative, a sales engineer, a collections […]

Brand-New: Sprint, Nextel Reveal Details

Sprint Corp. and Nextel Communications Inc. today announced that, upon the completion of their merger, expected in the third quarter, the combined company will be known as Sprint, with the Nextel name continuing as a key product brand. The decision affects the corporations go-to-market identity. Officially, Sprint Nextel Corp. will serve as the corporate name. […]

Eureka, InfoHighway Announce Plans to Merge

Eureka Networks and InfoHighway Communications, two CLECs serving SMBs in the northeastern U.S., said today they intend to merge. The combined entity will have annual sales of more than $100 million, serve approximately 14,000 customers and offer 150,000 access lines in 14 Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states, the companies say.The deal is expected to close in […]

New Edge Adds MPLS To BigFoot Network

Wholesale broadband provider New Edge Networks is combining MPLS technology with its BigFoot network that enables broadband network access for businesses in the United States and Canada. The companys agents, VARs, systems integrators and other partners will be able to offer the MPLS-based products when they become available. Our current plan is to utilize MPLS […]

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