Cross-Selling Crash Course

Its my job to help telecom service providers improve their customer service practices and increase sales of their products and services. Because I get up close and personal with telephone companies in this regard, I speak with authority when I say they are missing crossselling opportunities. How do I know? When I work with a […]

Your Phone is Ringing . . . Now What?

Posted: 10/2003 Your Phone is Ringing . . . Now What? CSRs Key to Winning, Keeping Customers By David Saxby Every day, your phone is ringing. Your customers are calling with a need and an interest in purchasing one of your products or services. Every time your phone rings, you have a sales opportunity. As […]

Keep Your Customers Dialed-In

Posted: 1/2002 Keep Your Customers Dialed-In By Oscar A. AlbanIn an ideal world, we could strike the perfect balance between consumers calling us to purchase new products and those who need support or service issues addressed.Unfortunately, it’s a tough balance to achieve. While we want our customers to communicate with us, we also want to […]

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